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Journal of Law and Public Policy

About the Journal of Law and Public Policy

The Journal of Law and Public Policy (JLPP) is a student-run journal that promotes modern legal thought through analysis of contemporary public policy. It raises awareness and provides expert thought on timely public policy issues by utilizing several forums, including academically rigorous symposia, publication of articles and community events. It integrates all viewpoints to sharpen and improve the public policies of the state and federal governments of the United States of America.

By strengthening professional relationships, utilizing practical skills for the workplace and stimulating scholarly discussion, JLPP seeks to provide students with an opportunity to develop their critical research and writing skills and to make a meaningful contribution to legal professionals and American society.

Spring Symposium

The Immigration and Refugee Crisis

The Immigration and Refugee Crisis

Friday, April 14, 2023
8 a.m.-4 p.m.
Online / Virtual

The increased mobility of immigrants and the mass displacement of refugees present a variety of global challenges in today's world.

At the University of St. Thomas School of Law Journal of Law and Public Policy's 2023 Spring Symposium, we intend to examine the ethical obligations owed to immigrants and refugees, the applicable policy and domestic law considerations, organized religions’ humanitarian responsibilities, and the potential for systemic and legislative immigration reform in the United States.

In closely considering the international impact of both immigrants and refugees, we hope to foster constructive discussion about our duties as legal professionals, St. Thomas community members, and citizens of the world.

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