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Ethics, Faith and Justice

University of St. Thomas Law Journal

About the Law Journal

The University of St. Thomas Law Journal is the School of Law’s flagship law review. It seeks to embody the school’s unique mission by publishing excellent legal scholarship that promotes ethical actions, the integration of faith and reason and social justice. The Law Journal’s Latin subtitle, which translates into “faith and justice,” is a core foundation of the works it publishes and the symposia it hosts each year.

The Law Journal is a symposium-based journal. It offers two to three symposia each year and asks presenters to write an article or essay based on the symposium topic, their own experiences, and the discussion they take part in at the symposium. This promotes meaningful exploration of a current legal issue, and allows substantial collaboration between law review, our faculty and outside contributors. Symposia also give the law school community a chance to reflect on issues closely connected with the mission and vision of the School of Law.

Email questions, copyright inquiries, etc. to lawjournal@stthomas.edu.

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The Impact of Web3 on Law & Society

October 23rd, 8:00am-5:00pm 
University of St. Thomas School of Law

Modern computing and internet technologies are disrupting the foundational institutions of society—governance, property, commerce, and the structure and practice of law itself.
These same technologies are also being used to recreate these foundations of tomorrow.

To capture the scope of these topics, the University of St. Thomas School of Law is teaming up with Minnesota Blockchain Initiative on an ambitious event.

This day-long conference will feature a blend of big-picture theory about what’s possible as well as ground-level analysis of what’s happening right now—featuring a host of industry experts and an audience of students and professionals in law and business.